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Deepak Chopra

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A (R)evolution in Every Corner of Our Lives

It is truly an extraordinary time to be alive. We are witnessing the emergence of something historic: the rise of integral consciousness. This is our very best shot to create a more peaceful and sustainable world, to awaken from the violent slumber of humanity’s adolescence, and to align ourselves with the future of evolution in this corner of the Milky Way.

Integral Life features a wealth of dialogues, videos, and products to help support and deepen the four most important pillars of happiness and wholeness in your life: health, relationships, work, and spirituality.

These four pillars are fundamental to any integral lifestyle. Like the four legs of a table, they are all necessary to find the balance, stability, and strength you are looking for in your day to day life. Neglect any of these pillars and your life will wobble, leaving you less capable of fully supporting the many challenges and opportunities you are presented with every day.

The Four Pillars of Integral Living

Mental Health and Clarity

Your work in the world is one of your very best opportunities to the many ways that the integral approach can help us improve our productivity, leadership, and creativity in our work in the world, helping us to align our livelihood with our deepest purpose.

Love & Intimacy

Relationships are a crucible for growth, awakening, and self discovery. At Integral Life you will explore how to deepen your familial, romantic, and sexual connections as you transform your relationships into powerful vehicles of self-awareness, self-transcendence, and embodied practice.

Health & Wellness

Your body-mind is truly a temple, and you want your temple to be as strong and solid as possible. Any cracks in the foundation will only weaken everything else you have worked so hard to build on top of it. At Integral Life you will find a collection of valuable resources to help you live a healthy, happy, and fully-integrated lifestyle.

Spiritual Awakening

Integral Life offers a wealth of materials to help catalyze your spiritual growth, including practices that will deliver a profound experience of your highest Self and biggest Heart. Discover a more intelligent approach to spirituality that honors the truths of modernity and postmodernity — including the revolutions in science and culture — while incorporating the essential insights of the world’s great religions.

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The Integral mind is like a muscle — you either use it, or you lose it. 

As a supporting member of Integral Life, you will gain access to a treasure of perspectives and presentations, published weekly, and all designed to help you stay focused, flexible, and engaged.

It's like a gym membership for your mind, and Netflix for your soul.

These weekly perspectives are an antidote to the aperspectival madness that has saturated our media culture. By tuning in every week, you will learn how to:

– See more of the world (and the fundamental patterns that shape it) with far more clarity.

– Navigate the ever-increasing complexity of a world gone aperspectively mad.

– Maintain a positive and hopeful frame of mind when confronted by the challenges, inequities, and traumas of our time.

Below you can find some of our regular Integral Life features (click on the cover to learn more):

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"Great resources, perspectives and tools for developing an integrative perspective on life. Based largely around the philosophical and psychotherapeutic and religio-spiritual-cultural work of Ken Wilber and featuring the contributions of art, commentary and courses from integrative experts across the spectrum of contemporary disciplines and professions."

Integral Life Member

Norman Mitchell

As a supporting member of Integral Life, you will also gain immediate access to our Integral Life Practice library, designed to support your ongoing process of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up. 

Featuring some of the brightest teachers and practitioners on the planet, these practices will help you:

– Better manage your anxiety and depression,

– Discover the most effective ways to awaken your body, heart, mind, and spirit,

– Improve your health, vitality, and energy levels,

– Tap into your innermost source of wisdom and skillful action,

– Cultivate more presence, more fullness, and more flow,

– Identify and integrate your own psychological shadows,

– Deepen your intimacy and enhance your sexual polarity,

And so much more.

These practices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from quick 5-minute modules to in-depth, multi-part practices, all of which will help you become more of who you always already are.

There is no one way of being integral. All of it is invited, and all of it shines in its own way. We will help you find your own unique integral shine, and to bring that light into the rest of the world.

Be More

"Integral Theory and Integral Life Practice have changed my life for the better in ways that I couldn’t have anticipated, and Integral Life is one of my favourite resources for learning about them. It has great content, much of which you can’t find anywhere else, and I have always enjoyed the forums"

Integral Life Member

David Marshall

Facebook has become the default platform for community interaction over the last few years, and is fine for what it does (besides the whole “nearly destroying Western civilization” thing, of course…)

Much of the ongoing activity in the integral space is happening on Facebook, and we’ve likely all seen various strengths and weaknesses with this model — including its contribution to a large amount of fragmentation in our integral community.

All of this factored into our new Integral Life Community platform, which we hope will help transcend the many problems with Facebook while also including the amazing connections and friendships that have emerged there.

So come help us co-create a bigger, better, more integral community experience by joining the Integral Life community today, and connect with other people who are as passionate about the integral lifestyle as you are!

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"It is the most important and globally-relevant platform for the leading edge of Integral consciousness evolution!"

Eugene Pustoshkin

Integral Life Member

We invite you to try the first month of our membership for just $1.

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This includes things like:

– Ken Wilber's Full Spectrum Mindfulness training,

– Helen Palmer's Integral Enneagram training,

– Sofia Diaz's Real Yoga: Full Body Awakening training,

– Ginny Whitelaw's Lead With Purpose training,

– Dr. Keith Witt's Loving Completely training,

– Andrew Holecek's Death & Dying training,

– Beena Sharma's Integrating Polarities...

If you plan on enrolling in one or more of these exquisite training programs, then you will definitely want to become a supporting member of Integral life so you can save 20%!

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"Most of our lives are fragmented and thus separated from each other and from our true selves. An integral life is sane in the root sense of clean, without clinging to those things which have no further function that to cloud our vision and cripple our actions."

Bob Sauerbrey

Integral Life Member

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Choose Your Integral Life

Integral Life is many different things for many different people. For some it is a powerful channel of self-discovery, personal transformation, and life mastery. For others it is a shared vision of health, wholeness, and happiness. For others still, it is a place to explore the cutting edge of art, science, politics, and philosophy. Whatever your passion, whatever your interest, Integral Life has something for you!

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– Unlimited access to

– Exclusive subscriber content including monthly conversations hosted by leading thinkers like Ken Wilber

– 20% discount off All Products and Courses from our friends and partners 

– Free Bonus Gift: The Integral Vision eBook by Ken Wilber

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"Being connected through Integral Life to the vast fields of wisdom, knowledge, richness, heart and inspiring perspectives is of tremendous significance and importance to me. For my own path of growing up and waking up but also being part of this global community feels very empowering and good!"

Integral Life Member

Jenny Baird

Some Of Our Most Recent Episodes Include:

In this exclusive 8-hour series, Ken Wilber and Corey deVos take an in-depth look at America’s ongoing struggle with gun violence, using the four quadrants to track many of the most critical and commonly-blamed factors, conditions, and causes that seem to be contributing to this terribly wicked problem.

Ryan Oelke and Corey deVos explore the many ways we can create meaning for ourselves, introducing the concept of “Integral Ikigai” to help us find and fulfill our deepest life purpose.

Dr. Keith Witt and Corey deVos explore how the integral approach and emotional coaching can profoundly transform our ability to show up as parents for our children.

A fascinating discussion of conscious, cultural, and biological evolution — and how we can use the fundamental patterns running through all three in order to create a more adaptable and sustainable future.

In this episode of The Ken Show we explore one of the most central elements of integral metatheory: growing up through multiple stages of developmental maturity. Watch as Ken and Corey offer a guided tour through each of the major stages on the Path of Growing Up — an exploration of your own greatest, deepest potentials — and offer some simple practices to help you actualize those potentials.

Dr. Keith Witt and Corey deVos explore the central role that conflict plays in the ongoing evolutionary process, from the big bang to today, and in our intimate relationships in particular — where conflict can either create more distance and resentment, or it can be an opportunity to create more intimacy and deeper connection.

7 Signs Integral Might Be Right For You

1. You see your life (and the world) getting more complex with every year and want to find a way to make sense of it.

2. You want practical insights and habits that can be put into practice to help you live a fuller, more effective and joyful life.

3. You've always asked bigger questions and want to find answers that are grounded in the very best leading-edge science and philosophy.

4. You want to deepen your relationships, perspectives and spiritual life while expanding your mind to its fullest potential.

5. You know there is more to life than what you see in popular culture but you haven’t yet found a community that can guide you in a lifetime of growth.

6. You want to meet other people who value mental, emotional and spiritual maturity but can also help you grow and bring out your unique calling.

7. You want to live as enlightened a life as is possible in the 21st century.

"Integral Life have articles, interviews, and courses that significantly shifted my awareness and perspectives about me, humankind, world, and everything. It is one of the shifts that I could react just "Now it finally makes sense!" Definitely a great work!"

Kubof Hromoslav

Integral Life Member

Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind

Integral Life is based on a single simple premise: that everyone holds some piece of the truth, that everyone is at least partially right, that no human being is capable of being 100% wrong. But how do you tell just how right everyone is? Some are more right than others… how do you tell the difference? Integral Life helps you include what is true, discern what is partial, and see how it all fits together — allowing you to see more, feel more, and be more than you ever thought possible. 

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Robb Smith
CEO & Co-Founder