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The world is changing, with a new Integral Era of human civilization arising as we speak. We help people understand and live into the full potential of this new world with experiences, practices, and media that help them grow.

Welcome to the integral movement, helping people all over the world successfully navigate the complexity of the 21st century

As a supporting member of Integral Life, you will gain access to life-changing practices, perspectives, and presentations, published weekly, and all designed to help you live with unprecedented levels of freedom and fullness.

Rather than focus on merely one aspect of the self, Integral Life brings a whole and balanced approach to realizing the full spectrum of your being, providing you with the very best and most effective guidance to help you Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, and Show Up in your life, your relationships, and your work in the world.

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New podcast episodes are released every week!


These weekly perspectives are an antidote to the aperspectival madness that has saturated our media culture. By tuning in every week, you will learn how to:

– See more of the world (and the fundamental patterns that shape it) with far more clarity.

– Navigate the ever-increasing complexity of a world gone aperspectively mad.

Maintain a positive and hopeful frame of mind when confronted by the challenges, inequities, and traumas of our time.

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💬 Here's what our members are saying:

"Great resources, perspectives, and tools for developing an integrative perspective on life. Based largely around the philosophical and psychotherapeutic and religio-spiritual-cultural work of Ken Wilber and featuring the contributions of art, commentary, and courses from integrative experts across the spectrum of contemporary disciplines and professions." –Norman M.

"Integral Theory and Integral Life Practice have changed my life for the better in ways that I couldn’t have anticipated, and Integral Life is one of my favourite resources for learning about them. It has great content, much of which you can’t find anywhere else, and I have always enjoyed the forums" –David M.

"It is the most important and globally-relevant platform for the leading edge of Integral consciousness evolution!" –Eugene P.

Introducing Integral Life Practice: A Live, Online, Guided Daily Practice Community

We invite you to join our live online 30-minute practice sessions delivered by Practice Leaders multiple times a day across the four main dimensions of an Integral Life Practice

(and dozens more!)

New live practices are organized every day. Start practicing today in 3 simple steps:




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Choose the Practice Sessions you want to join today or add upcoming ones to your own personal calendar (like your Google Calendar).

When the session goes live, launch each session’s Zoom Room from the link within the ILP Calendar.

As you explore new practices, have profound new insights about yourself, and uncover blocks to who you want to be, growth becomes a natural byproduct of being a part of an awake, worldwide community of people who also have an ILP.

💬 Here's what our members are saying about ILP:

“I find it very nourishing and a gift to be able to participate in practice contributing to growth, with people who are on a similar wavelength." –Anja C.

“I’ve really enjoyed all of the sessions that have been offered in the past few weeks. I’m so glad you’re doing this!” —Roshana

“Yesterday’s practice with Grant was awesome. We all met beautifully in embodied spirit.” —Carol G.

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