Start to build an integrative mindset that will help you navigate the complexity of the 21st century, led by Robb Smith, the CEO of Integral Life

This short but powerful series of emails will teach you:

  • How to increase your level of consciousness by 400%
  • How each stage of consciousness creates its own world
  • How an Integral Life Practice leads you to your ideal life
  • How to see everything in the universe as both a part and a whole
  • How to thrive in an uncertain world
  • And much more...

Learn How to "Build an Integral Mind" in this FREE 30-Day Email Course

A leading-edge community of world-class artists, leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs including:

Ken Wilber

Philosopher, Author,

Co-Founder of Integral Life

Anthony Robbins

Speaker, Author & Coach

Lana Wachowski

Writer & Director of the Matrix Trilogy

Saul Williams

Poet, Musician, Activist

What Our Members Say

Jenny Baird

"Being connected through Integral Life to the vast fields of wisdom, knowledge, richness, heart and inspiring perspectives is of tremendous significance and importance to me. For my own path of growing up and waking up but also being part of this global community feels very empowering and good!"

David Marshall

"Integral Theory and Integral Life Practice have changed my life for the better in ways that I couldn’t have anticipated, and Integral Life is one of my favorite resources for learning about them. It has great content, much of which you can’t find anywhere else, and I have always enjoyed the forums"

What is Integral Life?