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Integral Life provides a roadmap of your potential and a full spectrum of Modules & Practices to help you support lifelong growth

Read articles that explain the most complex topics of the 21st century

Conversations and insights from advanced thinkers and leaders are a drip-feed that make your mind just a little bit... bigger

Perspectives will change the way you think and help you better understand yourself, the world and its trends today

Complete video Practices

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An in-depth coaching series on groundbreaking topics to help you live your best life.

Short Practices

– Having No Head: A Pointing Out Exercise

– A Few Moments of Being

– What’s beneath your anxiety

– The Three Faces Of Spirit

– Perfection Meditation and other Practices…

Integral Life Practices

– Full Spectrum Mindfullness

– Profound Connection

– Death & Dying

– Loving Completely

– Cultivating Wisdom and other Modules...

Short, actionable practices to help you do address specific areas of life improvement.


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Monthly conversations hosted by leading thinkers like Ken Wilber

Access to “Deep Dives” tackling the most pressing and complex topics around the world

Monthly Integral Life Practice modules

20% discount off All Products and Courses from our friends and partners

Full access to the growing Practices library




Monthly conversations hosted by leading thinkers like Ken Wilber

Access to “Deep Dives” tackling the most pressing and complex topics around the world

Full access to the growing Practices library

20% discount off All Products and Courses from our friends and partners

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"Integral Theory and Integral Life Practice have changed my life for the better in ways that I couldn’t have anticipated, and Integral Life is one of my favorite resources for learning about them. It has great content, much of which you can’t find anywhere else, and I have always enjoyed the forums"

Jenny Baird

David Marshall

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"Being connected through Integral Life to the vast fields of wisdom, knowledge, richness, heart and inspiring perspectives is of tremendous significance and importance to me. For my own path of growing up and waking up but also being part of this global community feels very empowering and good!"

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You see your life (and the world) getting more complex with every year and want to find a way to make sense of it

7 Signs Integral Life Might Be Right For You

You've always asked bigger questions and want to find answers that are grounded in the very best leading-edge science and philosophy


You know there is more to life than what you see in popular culture but you haven’t yet found a community that can guide you in a lifetime of growth


You want practical insights and habits that can be put into practice to help you live a fuller, more effective and joyful life

You want to deepen your relationships, perspectives and spiritual life while expanding your mind to its fullest potential  

You want to meet other people who value mental, emotional and spiritual maturity but can also help you grow and bring out your unique calling


You want to live as enlightened a life as is possible in the 21st century



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As co-founder and CEO of Integral Life, my team and I are committed to giving you access to the most advanced personal development perspectives and practices to help you live your best life. You can always reach us directly for support, where you enjoy the peace of mind that knowing we’re on your side every step of the way and we’ll always put your needs first.

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